Magical lntention and Blessing Candles 

Magical "I AM" Meditation Candles are now available.
Beginning June 1st, this much anticipated collection of hand rolled beeswax candles will be trickling into my Etsy Storefront for online ordering and available in person here in Union Pier, Michigan.

For as long as I can remember, I have thought that the idea of meditation sounded just wonderful but the idea of being still and attempting to quiet my brain for any specific length of time never felt realistic for me.  While I love the idea of sitting quietly and just being present, I knew that for me it was going to prove a bit trickier than that.

I wanted to create some sort of a tool for people like me who would love to bring their energy to center, have an intention to focus on and somehow hold on to the feeling that sort of stillness creates even throughout a very busy day.  
The "I AM" Meditation Candles are the perfect marriage of function, intention and prayer rolled into one beautiful, high quality beeswax candle that I create just for you.  
Unless otherwise stated, each candle is roughly 8.5 inches high by 2.5 inches wide and is rolled with a white cotton wick.

Tied around the outside wrapper you will find a sprig of dried white sage and a vial of chip stone healing crystals that I chose according to your Meditation Intention.  
In order to truly turn your Morning Meditation into a more magical and enlightened experience, the White Sage is included so that you can smudge briefly prior to lighting your candle. (if you are not familiar with smudging, you can read all about it here:  SAGE AND SMUDGE
The vial of healing crystals are designed to be a mobile version of your intention....something you can either tuck into your handbag or put on a cord and wear around your neck to serve as your meditation reminder while you navigate through your day.  
Your candle will come with "I AM" Meditation instructions as well as a few sentences about the energy of your healing crystals.  
Each candle is $26.00 and will be shipped within 3-5 business days via USPS Priority Mail.
If you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to stop in and pick up your I AM Meditation Candle, please contact me via email or phone by clicking here: Contact me

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I created this I AM Meditation candle after my first experience with meditation.  

I said a little prayer of gratitude, asked what it was I was supposed to learn that day and then literally invited my ancestors, spirit guides, Creator and anybody of white light and positive intention that was “with me” to step forward and show me whatever it was I was supposed to know.  I had no expectations and figured at the very least, I could sit still and be quiet long enough to focus on 20 really deep, beautiful breaths, right?  And that’s exactly what I did. 

Inhale….exhale…..inhale…exhale….and at some point out of what felt like thin air, I heard in my head “someone” very quietly tell me to repeat the following words to myself as I was breathing….”I am holy….I am holy….I am holy.”  So I did….and I have zero idea how long I sat there like that because during the course of all that breathing and repeating those words, I started to hear that same voice….that calm, quiet, lovely voice telling me that this IS the true clarity….this is where the magic is.  This is the profound simplicity of everything that exists but because we tend to get so caught up in perfecting the “practice,” we forget that the most sacred and holy element we have access to within every single moment is our breath. 

I heard over and again to remember that our breath is holy and to treat it as such.  It is holy because we are holy; divine in origin….sacred and holy beings created with the essence of a divine breath breathing us into our very existence.  It is that profound….and at the same time, it is that simple.  It is a truth that applies to every single creature on the planet now and always; breath is holy.

Before you allow yourself to say or think anything contrary to that statement, do me this one tiny favor and ask yourself this ONE question; what if it’s true?  What if it's true?  My hope is that each and every morning you will light this candle and take a moment to remember that you are a sacred being. 

Included with this candle are two 3 inch candles, one in lilac to remind you of your divinity and one is white to remind you of the pure divine light that you are born with.

There is also a spring of white sage for smudging prior to lighting your candle.

Finally, a tiny vial of healing crystals coordinated to match up with the vibrational intention of your candle.  A card is included with an energetic description for each crystal included.

Clear Quartz for amplification, clarity and expanded consciousness

Sodalite for self insight and inner knowing

Amazonite for harmony, inner truth and peace-making

Cost:  $26.00

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This particular I AM Meditation Mantra is created to remind you of the blessing and the grace of every single day.  Take five minutes each and every morning to get quiet, light your candle, close your eyes and speak out loud with conviction; " I AM GRATEFUL FOR THIS DAY."  Say it several times as you are inhaling and exhaling the unlimited possibility of all the wonderful things waiting for you on this day.  
Yesterday is long behind you, the slate is clean and another magical day awaits!  When you are ready, blow out your candle, quietly say, "And so it is....Amen," then go have a fantastic day!
As seen in the photo above, I hand rolled this candle with three different colors of natural beeswax designed to remind you of the soft light of the early day.  
It is tied with a vial of three different healing crystal chip stones:
Rose Quartz:  Stone of  unconditional love, nurturing
Citrine:  Crystal sunshine, also known as a stone of manifestation
Amethyst:  Stone of clear knowing and divinity...your connection to Source energy.
Take your vial of healing crystals with you as a remind of your gratitude throughout the day.
Cost:  $26.00
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Chakra Alignment Candle
How are you and your Chakras doing today? 
Feeling aligned or maybe something feels a bit "off?" When Chakras (your body's energy centers) are out of alignment, everything can feel a bit wonky. I created this beautiful (and very large) 8.5 inch high by 2.5 inch wide hand rolled, 7 layer beeswax Chakra candle to help bring your intention and energy back to center as you focus on its calming flame...
-This candle is rolled with gorgeous amethyst and clear quartz healing chip stone crystals at its center. 
It is then wrapped in craft paper and tied with the magic of a 3 inch Selenite wand for amplifying intentions, a Palo Santo stick for clearing negativity and a sprig of White Sage for smudging. Each candle comes with a little Chakra guidance card to help as you focus on which area needs your attention.
I do my best to send a candle that looks almost exactly like the one you see in the photo but since not all crystals and organic plant material are the same, there will be some variation.
This is not a toy and a burning candle should never be left unattended.
Please remove all wrappings and trim wick to 1/4 inch prior to lighting.
I hope that as you are enjoying your candle you will allow the magic of the flame and the intention wash over you and bring your heart and mind back to a place of quiet comfort.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!
Happy Chakras make for a happy, healthy, magical YOU.
Message me for any additional information you may require.
Each candle is $32.00 plus Priority Shipping.
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Wishing you love and magic!
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