Do you believe in magic?

Have you ever taken a deep breath and made a wish as you've blown out the candles on your birthday cake?
Have you even thrown a penny into a fountain and just as you were releasing it to the air, you held your breath and made a wish?
That my dear one is you believing in magic...
As you think about making your wish you feel a bit foolish, right?  Things like wishes and lucky pennies and fairy tales and magical things are for the children; right?
But what if....
What if as you blew out the candles and exhaled your wish out into the world it hitched a ride on the magical smoke of those candles....and what if as it billowed its way up up up to the heavens it caused some great magic to be set in motion? What if, suddenly, without you even knowing it, your wish was already gathering up what it needed and weaving its way its way back to ways more wonderful and more magical than you could even begin to imagine...
What if....
What if it were all true?  All that "stuff" you've read about intentions and manifestation and having the "magic" within you all along?  
What if it really is all true?
Have you ever thought about the possibility of what could actually happen if one seemingly ordinary day, you took a chance?  You cast doubt aside and invited faith, imagination and the Divine spark smoldering inside of you to meet and without any limitation whatsoever from you, they were finally permitted to come together and manifest in their fullest potential?
Wow.  What would that look like?

I believe in your magic....
And so, with the assistance of my husband, we built this magical little cottage right in my backyard where I get to celebrate and share and introduce you to all sorts of magical tools and resources that just might be able to help you remember who you were and who you were intending to be before the world got ahold of your imagination and tried to make you forget.
Magic and all the tools that I try to make available to you are meant to serve as a bridge between you, your most sincere and private prayers and the Divine.  Whether we are working with crystals, candles, an intuitive reading or myriad of other tools, I see my role as a guide, a cheerleader, an amplifier for the beautiful voice that has been with you all along trying to get your attention.  My job is to increase the volume just enough so that you can choose to tune in and begin to listen again.  You are born with the most unique and divinely charged gifts.  You were handpicked to be their human caretaker long before you ever breathed your first breath in this world.  Those gifts are meant to be shared, and never squandered for they serve a most vital role in this world of ours.

If you're here than I suspect you already know that they are there smoldering inside of you just waiting for you to release them back into the world.
When you are ready, when you know that its time for the world to experience the sort of blessings and magic that only you have to offer, then I will be here to assist you as you birth your most sacred light into the world.  
Until then, I wish you love, light and unlimited blessings!
Heather Hanson- owner