Welcome to the
Creative Sage Cottage
Beginning JUNE 15TH 
I will be open every Thursday from 12-5....
No Appointment necessary! 
Here at Creative Sage Cottage...
My services include a magical tool bag that is filled with things like Intuitive Readings, Healing Crystals, Meditation Candles, Customized Intention Candles, loads of different Sage blends, and much more that is all available here at my magical little Creative Sage Cottage. 
The Creative Sage Cottage is a place for
nurturing, healing, manifesting and dreaming....
The life you have always hoped for is only as far away as your
faith and imagination.
Together I hope to help you realize your fullest and most blissful potential!
I look forward to meeting you soon!
If you have questions or would like to set up a time to stop in,
please call me at 269-231-0115

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Wishing you love and magic,
Heather Hanson
Owner, Intuitive "Hearing-aid," artist, teacher, writer, seeker, day-dream believer, spiritual alchemist!